My trusty pink running shoes.

Hi. Welcome to Pink Polish and Running Shoes, my healthy lifestyle blog. This is where I plan to share my efforts to eat healthy, improve my workouts and live an active lifestyle. As I mentioned in my About Me section, I’m not much of a cook (but I’m learning). Instead I try to focus on putting together easy meals and snacks with simple, healthy ingredients….ones that involve very little actual kitchen work.

One of my goals for 2014 is to run a 5K. I’ve been running consistently since college, but I’ve never completed an actual race. Running is my favorite form of cardio. Since I live in New England and it’s winter it is wayyyy too cold for me to run outside….so for now, I’m sticking to the treadmill at the gym and hoping for warmer weather soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Since this is our first official meeting, I’ll leave you with some fun facts about me:

I’m a twin

My favorite food is peanut butter (and maybe cereal too)

My favorite part of the body to work is my abs

I hate push ups, but I force myself to do them anyway

My favorite place is Walt Disney World

I love Halloween

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