Breakfast for Lunch

I got my butt out of bed at 5 am this morning and made it to the gym for 5:30. I was tempted to sleep in (I’ve been exhausted lately), but having my clothes all laid out and ready to go really gave me no excuse. Plus, I knew I wouldn’t have time to workout tonight since Brian’s parents, sister and brother-in-law are coming over for dinner! I love hanging out with Brian’s family so I’m pretty excited. Also, he’s making homemade bbq chicken pizza…and it’s to die for. Trust me. I’ll post plenty of mouthwatering pictures later. Unfortunately, I won’t be home to help cook. Everyone is coming over for 6:00 and that is usually around the time I pull into the driveway after work.

Now to breakfast…..

Lazy breakfast
Lazy breakfast

I woke up hungry for some reason so by the time I had finished an easy two miles this morning, I was starving! I opted for an easy breakfast and just grabbed the box of Raisin Bran sitting in the food closet. I ate it with almond milk and some coffee. On my way out the door, I made another coffee for the drive to work. I couldn’t decide what I wanted for lunch and I wasn’t feeling anything in particular so I opted to pack oatmeal. It’s still pretty cold out here and I’m always freezing at work so I figured hot oatmeal was a good choice. I decided to mix in vanilla protein powder to give it some staying power and paired it with an apple.

Oatmeal with vanilla protein powder
Oatmeal with vanilla protein powder

I should have put some more oats into that container because my lunch looks a little pathetic here. Also, note I am using my plastic ziplock bag as a napkin. That is what we call resourceful my friends 😉

Before I had lunch I ate one of my favorite snacks, a peanut butter roll up. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like…it’s a wheat wrap with peanut butter spread on the inside and then rolled up to eat. I like to use Cedar’s Whole Wheat Wraps. You can see them pictured here. It’s the green package on the end if you click through the photos. The peanut butter I used today was the Teddie Peanut butter with flaxseed. Yum!

Happy Hump day!


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