Family Dinner BBQ Pizza Night

So, after all my promises about mouth watering pics, I forgot to snap a photo of Brian’s homemade bbq chicken pizza…oops! Here’s a picture from the last time we made it.

BBQ chicken pizza
BBQ chicken. Yummy!

I took this halfway through making the pizza so you may have noticed there’s no cheese on it yet. That’s the next step. Sprinkle on grated gouda cheese and mozzarella. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what the finished product looked like. It was delicious (just like everything else Brian makes) and his family was pretty impressed. I loved visiting with everyone and seeing Emma, Brian’s sister and her husband’s adorable chihuahua.

Brian’s sister even brought desert. Monkey bread from Market Basket! It was cinnamoney (don’t think that’s an actual word), gooey and very, very sticky, but I liked it a lot. We all ate the whole thing.

Poor Oscar was scared of all the people in the house so he spent the night hiding in an empty desk drawer upstairs. I could not get that little fur ball to come out! Fortunately, after everyone left all was forgiven and he braved the downstairs again. Brian fed him and pretty soon Oscar was a happy kitten. Look at that sleepy little face! Too cute.

sleepy kitten
I love this kitty!

Are your pets scared of anything? How do you help them get over it?


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