Nike Training App Kicks My Butt

I just completed two Nike Training app workouts. That probably makes me crazy, but I was in the mood for some serious butt kicking. It’s a rest day in terms of cardio for my running plan, but it still called for some strength training. The first workout targeted my arms and it looked like this:

Arm workout
Feel the burn!

My second workout targeted my abs. There were a few exercises, like plank scorpions, that I had never done before. Fortunately, the app includes photos and a video example of each move that I found very helpful. The workout looked like this:

Ab workout
Abs of steel 🙂

I used my sports watch to time each segment instead of downloading the workout video and following along. I did this so I could watch 24 (which Brian and I have recently become obsessed with) on Netflix while I worked out. Brian was sitting on the couch correcting papers watching with me and Oscar was chasing around a piece of gold ribbon leftover from Christmas. Crazy kitty!

On another note, I know I’ll need to take a few days off from the gym after my wisdom teeth surgery. I’m hoping the time away doesn’t interfere too much with my training. I feel like I’m just starting to hit a groove with both my running and strength training. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery!

Have a good night 🙂


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