Shopping, Resting, Eating…(Or Trying To)

Lunch today was a vanilla protein banana smoothie. It was thick and delicious and I almost managed to eat it without drooling all over myself….the hazards of having your wisdom teeth removed! I drank it from our Captain Morgan glass 🙂

protein smoothie
I wish I could have put rum in this!

As I was finishing my smoothie, my younger sister Danielle stopped by and we decided to go looking for some luggage for her upcoming trip to Florida over spring break. Dani  is four and half years younger than me and she graduates from college this year. Since I live in my hometown, I still see my parents and my two sisters a lot, which is nice.

Sisters 🙂

Here’s a picture of us from a family vacation in Maine a few years ago. Anyway, we went to TJ Maxx, Charming Charlie’s and Kohl’s. I didn’t plan on spending any money, but when I saw this adorable watch at Charming Charlie’s I couldn’t resist

Charming Charlie's
Check out mah bling.

I’ve been looking for a watch with gold in it ever since I lost the one I had on a business trip last year.

After a few more stops we headed home. I was starving so I had Dani stop at Dunkin Donuts so I could get a corn muffin. I thought that might be easy to eat, but the muffin was kind of hard so I basically just picked apart the inside. The painkillers I’m on for my teeth make feel kind of drowsy so I was pretty wiped out at the end of our little afternoon trip. I happily sank down on the couch with a book when I got home and didn’t move for the rest of the night.

Unwinding on the couch :)
Unwinding on the couch 🙂

I just finished Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and I liked it so much I had to pick up this one too. Sharp Objects was her first book. I’m not even halfway through it yet and I already like it even better than Gone Girl. If you like mysteries or crime stories, definitely check this one out.

Now I’m off to bed. See you all in the morning!


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