Working from Home with My Crazy Cat

It’s Friday! Finally!

This day is absolutely flying by so far. I’m working from home, but it’s technically my first day “back” since I got my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. I always forget how much I love working from my little home office and if I got to use it more often maybe I would finish decorating it. Here’s my set up:

home office
My work space.

Not the best picture, I’ll admit. Anyway, I’ve had a ton of catching up to do and this morning has completely disappeared on me. I had another smoothie for breakfast, but I’m not going to bore you with the details since that’s pretty much all I’ve been eating (or should I say drinking?) this week.

My sister Dani had a dentist appointment nearby this morning so she stopped in for a visit on her way home and brought me a muffin. This one was a lot fresher than the one I had yesterday and I had no problems eating it! The muffin tops are my favorite. You can see I like to eat that part first ๐Ÿ™‚ .

corn muffin
Morning snack.

I think Oscar likes having me home, although he seems a little annoyed that I can’t pay more attention to him. He’s been napping on my bed for most of the morning, but got curious a little while ago and peeked into the office. Once I got up, he claimed my spot as his own.

crazy cat
You weren’t using this chair, were you mom?

This is me trying to persuade Oscar to share the chair….and also to take a selfie with me.

Oscar the cat.
Me and the furball ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess it didn’t really work out as planned. Have a great afternoon everyone!

p.s. This whole not being able to workout for a week thing is starting to get to me. Any suggestions for some light exercises I might be able to do while I recover?


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