Bad Day, Bad Choices

I had a bad day. Work was stressful and by the time 5:00 hit all I wanted to do was go home and crack open a bottle of wine. So I did. Instead of going to the gym for cardio, my night looked like this:

bad day
Unwinding 🙂

Isn’t it funny how bad days often lead to bad choices. Not only did I skip the gym today, I also started lunch like this:

Dessert first?
Dessert first?

Cookies before your meal. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done….right? I will probably be kicking myself tomorrow for not doing my cardio, but I just needed a glass of wine (or two) and my comfy couch. It was one of those days! Not sure what this means for tomorrow’s workout, but I’ll try to pretend this little lapse never happened.

Oh wellllll at least I have my new bright manicure and a glass of vino to cheer me up!

nail polish
Another shade of pinkish red 🙂



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