What’s Your Sweetener of Choice?

My morning started with a little treat on the way to work.

Dunkin Donuts
Dunkies ๐Ÿ™‚

A medium coffee from Dunks with cream and sugar. Before a couple of months ago, I would never ever have put sugar into my coffee….that has calories! Gasp! I was a Splenda devotee, until I actually started doing a little research into what goes into my food. Needless to say, I was not comfortable with what I found. There is an article or a study out there to prove or disprove everything you’ve ever heard about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. It was all very confusing and I decided limiting the number of chemicals in my body was the safest route to go. Enter sugar, not the zero calorie stuff, but the real stuff.

I have absolutely no evidence to back this up (other than my own experience) and I am not a medical professional, but as soon as I quit the fake stuff I just felt better. I used to feel like anything without artificial sweetener just wasn’t sweet enough. It didn’t taste right to me. ย Now I can appreciate the natural sweetness of foods, especially fruit. I don’t avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs, mainly because I couldn’t live without the occasional rum and diet coke, but other than that I pay attention to what’s in my food.

Another thing to note, I usually make my own coffee at home with a little bit of almond milk—that’s why I referred to a coffe (made for me) with cream as a “treat.”

Breakfast for me was a bowl of Special K Vanilla with Almonds and lunch was another honey wheat english muffin with peanut butter. I’ve been so lazy this week with preparing meals ahead of time that I’ve resorted to ย my old faithfuls.


These running shoes were looking awfully lonely last night since I skipped the gym. Technically, that little lapse hasn’t set me back too far because my running plan actually calls for Monday to be a stretch and strength day, but I was going to sneak in some time on the elliptical since most of last week was spent on the couch recovering from having my wisdom teeth out.

***Question of the Day*** What’s you favorite sweetener? How do you keep your favorite treats low cal?


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