What’s Your Sweetener of Choice?

My morning started with a little treat on the way to work.

Dunkin Donuts
Dunkies 🙂

A medium coffee from Dunks with cream and sugar. Before a couple of months ago, I would never ever have put sugar into my coffee….that has calories! Gasp! I was a Splenda devotee, until I actually started doing a little research into what goes into my food. Needless to say, I was not comfortable with what I found. There is an article or a study out there to prove or disprove everything you’ve ever heard about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. It was all very confusing and I decided limiting the number of chemicals in my body was the safest route to go. Enter sugar, not the zero calorie stuff, but the real stuff.

I have absolutely no evidence to back this up (other than my own experience) and I am not a medical professional, but as soon as I quit the fake stuff I just felt better. I used to feel like anything without artificial sweetener just wasn’t sweet enough. It didn’t taste right to me.  Now I can appreciate the natural sweetness of foods, especially fruit. I don’t avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs, mainly because I couldn’t live without the occasional rum and diet coke, but other than that I pay attention to what’s in my food.

Another thing to note, I usually make my own coffee at home with a little bit of almond milk—that’s why I referred to a coffe (made for me) with cream as a “treat.”

Breakfast for me was a bowl of Special K Vanilla with Almonds and lunch was another honey wheat english muffin with peanut butter. I’ve been so lazy this week with preparing meals ahead of time that I’ve resorted to  my old faithfuls.


These running shoes were looking awfully lonely last night since I skipped the gym. Technically, that little lapse hasn’t set me back too far because my running plan actually calls for Monday to be a stretch and strength day, but I was going to sneak in some time on the elliptical since most of last week was spent on the couch recovering from having my wisdom teeth out.

***Question of the Day*** What’s you favorite sweetener? How do you keep your favorite treats low cal?


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