Epic Lunchtime Failure….But at Least I have a Cute Cat!

Here’s  your daily dose of cuteness, courtesy of Oscar:

cute kitten
Oh hey mom, I wasn’t hiding in the shower again….

This is what he does every morning while I try to straighten my hair and get ready for work. He hides in the shower. It’s his favorite place besides our bed.  A few times I’ve accidentally shut him into the bathroom because I didn’t know he was there. Oscar is a sneaky little kitty and he’s not much of a “meower” so he doesn’t give himself away. It’s like an epic game of hide and seek.

Anyway, I was really excited to blog about my lunch today, but it kind of turned into an epic failure. The highlight of my lunch was a salad I brought from home that I was going to douse with an awesome Raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Unfortunately, the baggie of dressing I packed leaked and it ended up dripping down the sides of my tupperware container instead of on my lettuce 😦 .

lunch mistake

I really need to be more careful when I do things. I’m a little klutzy sometimes (my boyfriend would probably say all the time). I didn’t put the cover on the tupperware container tightly enough. I guess it must have gotten pushed around in the work fridge because the carrots and radishes on top fell out. This is one sad looking salad. Fortunately, I still had my “real lunch,” which was leftover steak and cheese from last night. I opted not to eat it as a sandwich this time and just ate the meat. Still delicious sans bread!

healthy lunch
Leftovers are the best!

My lunch break is almost over so it’s back to work for me! See you later for details on my workout.

***Question of the Day**** What’s your favorite thing to bring for lunch?













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