Salad Success

Attempt number two at a salad worked much better than yesterday. I managed to keep the dressing inside the container this time 😛 .

Salad recipe

Lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage, apples and a lite raspberry vinaigrette dressing . I love putting fruit in my salad. It reminds me of summer. Also, taking all these lunch photos at work has made me realize how truly ugly the top of my desk is. It looks sort of like a bland linoleum floor.

The second part of my lunch was a peanut butter pocket.

peanut butter pocket

I could eat peanut butter every day of the week. I never get sick of it unlike a regular salad which can get a little boring. That’s why I like to use some toppings to spice it up!

****Question of the Day**** What healthy topping do you like to put on your salad? Any tips for making it a little more exciting?


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