Calling All Kettlebell Fans

I’m starting to get really interested in the idea of kettlebells. I’ve only ever used dumbbells before, but my current obsession with the Nike Training Club app is making me curious. Last night’s workout was this:

Nike Training Club app


It didn’t include kettlebells, but a ton of the other workouts from the app do. I either skip those or switch the kettlebell moves out with another exercise. I’m thinking of trying them though. I’ve read that it’s easier to work multiple muscle groups with kettlebells and that because you’re moving in different planes it’s actually more functional than a dumbbell workout. Shape Magazine must have read my mind because they tweeted an article about that this morning, which you can read here.

Thoughts? One thing Im wondering is, will I be able to handle the same weight as I do with dumbbells? Any kettlebell fans out there feel free to jump in with some advice in the comments!

Anyway, last night’s workout was tough…per usual. This is me before the workout, all smiles.



This is me after. Note, my little fly away pieces of hair are progressively worse. I blame the burpees.


Last night I didn’t sleep well. I kept hearing noises that freaked me out. It was so weird. Maybe I should stop reading Gillian Flynn before bed because I could have sworn there was someone in the house. There wasn’t, which was proven to me at 3 am when I woke up Brian who then got out of bed to check. My mistake! Needless to say, it was a sleepy morning in our house. Breakfast was a quick bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax cereal and a much needed cup of hazelnut coffee with almond milk.


Lunch today is a concoction I thought up this morning: an almond butter sandwich with pumpkin seeds on a whole wheat sandwich thin. Yum! I also had a salad on the side.


****Question of the Day****  Do use Kettlebells? How do they compare to dumbbells?


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