Spring Fitness Wish List

It’s in the 40’s today! Wooohooo! For New England, that is pretty warm compared to the weather we’ve had. Most of the snow has melted and I can actually see grass 🙂 . With spring on the way, and the return of warmer, weather I’ll soon be running outside again consistently and I want some new gear! Here are some of the items on my wish list. Feel free to share yours. Recommendations are always welcome.

Reebok ZQuick Running Shoes

Reebok ZQuick
Love the colors on these.

I’d wear the ZQuick shoes for shorter runs. I also think they’d be great to wear while doing bootcamp style workouts or the Nike Training Club workouts. My running sneakers now feel a little clunky when I do anything that involves fast movement or quick intervals.

Reebok Sport Essential 3/4 Tight

Running Tights
Comfy, but cute.

I’m a Reebok fan. My sister used to work at our local Reebok store and I love their clothes and sneakers. I find everything is pretty reasonably priced, the stuff fits me well and they hold up long-term. I like the splash of color on these running tights and of course it’s a bright pinkish color so I’m all over that!

Nike Tempo Track Shorts

Nike Tempo Track Shorts

Nike shorts are my favorite running shorts. I own a few different pairs in this style and I love them. Although it’s going to be a looooooong time before I can even think about wearing shorts outside here, these are definitely on my list of must-haves.

Old Navy Graphic Tank

Running Tank

How cute is this tank? This is probably another item it is way too cold to think about, but I love it and I could use it now during my bootcamp and indoor gym workouts.

Minnie Bic Bands

running headbands

I like this sparkly peach minnie bic band. I’ve never used this brand before, but other people rave about them. I think this would be great for keeping fly aways out of my face. I have thin hair so I think this size band will work just fine. They are available in thicker sizes too.

Clearly, I am going to look like an easter egg this spring.


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