Hi From Washington D.C.

Hi friends! Long time no see. I made it to Washington, but I have been slammed ever since so I’m using this quick break in my conference schedule to say hi to you all.

Washington is rainy, but I also heard the Boston area is rainy now too so I guess it’s just like being at home, except I don’t get to see this guy.


Brian sent me that pic this morning. I think Oscar is begging for his morning treats. Brian likes to spoil him with three every morning.

My flight was delayed yesterday so I didn’t get into D.C. until about 7:00.

Ronald Reagan International Airport

I snapped this pic while waiting for a taxi outside Ronald Reagan national Airport. On my way to the hotel, I saw this:

Lincoln Memorial

a very blurry Lincoln Memorial as glimpsed through the rain covered window of my cab. Too bad I couldn’t get a better picture. I’d love to come back sometime and do all the touristy stuff here. Plus, I like history so I’d find it all so interesting.

I’ve done a decent job of eating healthy since I’ve been here. Last night, I went to a small bistro for dinner (I can’t remember the name). I was a little lost when I stumbled onto it. I ordered the chicken parm, which was delicious, but served in a massive portion.

Chicken parmesean

I took this pic after I was finished eating. It doesn’t even look like I made a dent, but I did! I also enjoyed a glass of Moscato.

Breakfast this morning was at the hotel’s continental breakfast. As a cereal lover, I opted for a bowl of granola with skim milk and a coffee.


Lunch was a Chobani yogurt and a little bit of a fresh blueberry muffin I couldn’t resist at the Coffee Bean. It was soooo good!


I don’t know if you saw my tweet this morning, but the hotel gym is closed for renovations ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . Guess it’s just my hotel room workout for now. I’m hoping this doesn’t set me too far back on my running plan.

Have a great first day of Spring everyone! See you Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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