Home :)

Happy Saturday!

I am so happy to be home again, even though my trip to Washington D.C. was a quick one. I missed my bed, Brian and this guy.


My last night in D.C. was great. I walked to Odean Cafe in Dupont Circle where I ordered the chicken marsala. It was delicious. The restaurant was small, but it had a full bar and excellent service. It would be the perfect place for a cozy dinner for two.

Chicken Marsala

The veggies were so good! They were slightly marinated with a little bit of pepper on top.  After dinner, I went back to my hotel to edit some video interviews I shot at the conference that morning. The next day I had one more interview to shoot before jumping in a cab and heading to the airport.

Lincoln Memorial

Here’s a far less blurry picture of the Lincoln Memorial I took from the cab. I still wish I could have stopped, though. My flight was delayed so I spent some time walking around the airport shops where I saw this.


How cute is that hat? The had a pink one for little girls too. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone with children young enough to wear those tiny hats so I didn’t buy one. I thought they were adorable though!

Brian and I have a busy day ahead of us. We’re going to the Natick mall to the Apple store to hopefully get his Macbook fixed. The hard drive died while I was away. Then we’re off to Fitchburg to visit his family.

****Question of the Day**** What are your plans this weekend?


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