New Digs…. and Putting Together a Meal Plan

My cubicle moved while I was away. Check it out!



I have a Window seat. Remember how I told you there have been some big changes at work leading to bigger responsibilities….well it also apparently comes with a move. Love my new seat! It’s not too often you get a good surprise on a Monday morning.

Breakfast today was a PB& J (raspberry jelly) on a honey wheat english muffin with chia seeds. I also had a caramel drizzle flavored coffee with a little bit of almond milk and some sugar.

english muffin


I want to spread some love for my new favorite brand of almond butter. I just discovered it last week at Market Basket and I used it on my sandwich this morning.

Barney Butter

The almond butter I was using before was kind of runny, but this one is the same, thick consistency of peanut butter, which I love. It’s also creamy. I noticed Barney Butter comes in different flavors like Vanilla Bean + Espresso….yum! I can think of a million things I’d like to bake with that.

My snack was some Kashi toasted berry cereal with some almond milk I brought in my handy little salad dressing container. I let the milk soften the cereal before I ate it so I wouldn’t annoy the heck out everyone by crunching away. These are the kinds of things I worry about 😛 .

Kashi cereal


Lunch was steak and spanish rice left over from last night.

I’m really trying to work some more variety into my diet. As you may have noticed, I tend to eat the same things over and over and I feel like part of that is due to a lack of planning on my part. If I took the weekend to write out an actual meal plan then I could put things together in advance instead of relying on grab-and-go items in the morning. However, that would require also planning out exactly which ingredients I need to buy for meals that week and I seem to be very bad at that.

Any suggestions for staples to keep in my cabinets?



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