Upper Body Workout + My New Skyscape Shoes

They came!

Reebok Skyscape Shoes


My pink Reebok Skyscape shoes. Check em out. What do you think? I love them and they are really, really comfortable, but I think I need a smaller size :/ . I’m always a shoe size 7, but I have about a thumbs worth of space in the toe of each sneaker. I’m probably going to exchange them for a 6.

Last night’s workout was 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by this upper body routine that I completed using 10lb weights.

Upper Body Workout


I got in some decent push ups tonight. Although I used to hate the exercise, it’s now growing on me and every time I do push ups they get easier and I feel stronger. That’s something I never thought I would say. Brian even commented on how toned my arms look when we were getting ready for bed. Progress! I can see it!

I haven’t done a great job of eating healthy this week so for what’s left of it, I want to focus on cleaning up my diet. I guess you could even call it spring cleaning 😛 . Hahahahaa. I crack myself up.

My goal is to eat less sugar, which pretty much means I need to stop eating the chocolate bar that’s in the fridge and choose some healthier snacks. Sunday I’m going to do some serious meal planning for the week ahead because as much as I love almond butter sandwiches for lunch every day, it’s getting old.

Watermelon Salad

Fortunately, I had this salad to spruce up my lunch a bit. I made it with lettuce, cabbage, watermelon and sliced almonds and I used a raspberry vinaigrette dressing over the top. Raspberry might seem like an odd choice to pair with the watermelon, but it turned out sweet and delicious.

Dinner was leftover chicken picata that Brian made on Monday night.


****Question of the Day**** What are your go-to work lunches? I need some inspiration!


4 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout + My New Skyscape Shoes

  1. I really struggle with coming up with healthy, easy, lunches that I can take to work. Typically I will have a small salad and a turkey sandwich, with greek yogurt. I also like taking leftovers from dinner the night before…but I hate using the work microwave. Like you, I would love to come up with some new lunch ideas!

  2. Ohh love the shoes! I think I saw them on Julie (from pbfingers) blog and I thought they were adorable! Are the good for actual workouts, or more just errands?

  3. I think they’d be good for strength training or a zumba class or something like that, but not for running or anything too hardcore. Super, super comfy though!

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