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Homemade Granola Bars and Sunday Meal Prep

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday I finished my first meal prep.  I only made my weekly snacks this time, but it’s a start. One of my  goals for 2014 is to do a better job of preparing healthy meals ahead of time. This was my first stab at it.

Meal prep

That’s what my kitchen looked like around 11 am yesterday. Here you can see all the ingredients for my first cooking venture: homemade chewy chocolate chip granola bars. I found the recipe on Pinterest, but it originally came from the blog Running With Spoons, which I am definitely now a fan of. You can click on the link above to see the recipe I followed.

The granola bars came together quickly and were super easy to make. I’ve been looking for a great recipe for a while, but most of the ones I came across were overly complicated and included some pretty obscure ingredients. These were great and I had almost everything I needed in my cabinet already. I can’t wait to try my own variation on this recipe using dried cranberries and almonds. I might even try something with pumpkin seeds.

homemade granola bars

I also made key lime pie greek yogurt bites. I just dripped the yogurt into a small pan using a tiny measuring spoon. Then I froze the yogurt for a little over an hour before using a knife to pop the bites off of a pan and into this container.

Yogurt Bites

I’m thinking these will make a great 10 am snack at work.

Brian and I were up at 7 am yesterday morning so I had plenty of time to hit the gym, meal prep and do laundry. It felt so good to accomplish a lot early in the day. I wast at the gym by 8 am, where I ran two miles before heading home to do this thigh workout.

Thigh Workout

The rest of my day was dedicated to laundry and filling out an expense report from my trip to Washington D.C., which I plan to turn in today at work. Sunday night was spent with my family. Brian and I went to my parents house for spaghetti and meatballs and, of course, some great conversation.

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s hoping it’s a great week 🙂 .


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