What Motivates You?

I love this quote.

Nike quote

It sums up exactly what I love about running and why I run. I run for me. I run to get away from everything and to clear my head. I run because it makes me feel invincible and it reminds me that if I push myself I can accomplish anything.

I’m a big fan of quotes. I even have a daily quote app on my phone. Every morning at 8am, as I sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee, my phone buzzes. Up pops a quote. I take a screen shot of the ones I like and keep them to reflect back on later. Sometimes the right words can make me think, make me look at a challenge differently and inspire me to give 110% every day.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of my favorite fitness quotes with you. These are words I try to live by and on days when I need that extra little push, these often do the trick.

Motivational quote


( pinned from Fitsugar)

This is so true. Once a behavior becomes a habit, you don’t think twice about it. In the words of Nike, you “just do it.” I work hard to make fitness a part of my day no matter how busy I am because if I get into the habit now, I’m more likely to keep up with it later. By later, I mean after kids, my job or other responsibilities get in the way.

Fitness Quote

(Pinned from Believe Trust Change—now Treadmill Runway)

When I feel like giving up during a grueling workout, I ask myself, “is that really as far as I can go?” Is my body telling me no? Or is it my head?

Fitness Quote

Unless you are hurt or are in serious need of a rest day, it’s better to do a workout that’s just meh than to skip it all together. Sometimes, the days where I think I don’t want to workout end up being some of my best. Once I force myself to get moving, I get into the zone and the magic happens.Motivational Quote

What motivates you?


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