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A Weekend of Healthy Meals

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was nice and relaxing. Mine went by way too quickly, but it was full of all my favorite things: friends, family, fitness and healthy food.

I ran three miles on Saturday and Sunday and Saturday’s run was even on an incline. Heck ya!

After Saturday’s workout, Brian and I spent the day at our friends Nathan and Meredith’s house. It was a little chilly, but we grilled and then ate inside while watching the Bruins game.

Grilled food

Lunch was grilled chicken kabobs marinated in a honey soy sauce. We grilled red peppers and mushrooms as a side. It was so delicious! I could have eaten seconds and thirds, but I didn’t.

Brian and I spent Saturday night at my parents house watching the Desolation of Smaug with my sister and her boyfriend. I thought the first Hobbit movie was boring, but I liked this one. There seemed to be a lot more action. Brian says I was tired during the first one and I barely watched it, but still, I don’t remember liking it very much.


Sunday morning brian and I were up at 7:00 am and at Market Basket for 8:00 am, which was nice because it wasn’t crowded yet.


I wore my Reebok Skyscapes to the grocery store. It was the first time I actually wore them “out” and I’m still really impressed. They are so comfortable! I can’t say enough good things about them.

I was really excited to go grocery shopping because I bought the ingredients to make clean banana chocolate chip muffins and homemade granola bars. You will see those recipes popping up later this week.

I made an awesome protein smoothie after my run on Sunday. It was so thick I ate it like ice cream.


I put one cup of almond milk, one scoop of vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries into the blender and out came that delicious looking smoothie. I’m thinking of eliminating the protein powder and adding more of the frozen berries to make a sherbet-like treat for this summer.

My Sunday lunch was a creation I saw on Pinterest and just knew I had to try!


I made a panini using an Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin. I spread marinara sauce on the sandwich thin, sprinkled on spinach leaves and then broke up pieces of a laughing cow light cheese to spread over the top. I put the sandwich into my toaster oven until the bread was slightly browned and the cheese melted. It was super easy to make and very, very tasty.

Dinner was steak on the grill with a side of Quinoa followed by the season premier of Game of Thrones! Woot, Woot!

****Question of the Day**** What was your favorite thing this weekend?



5 thoughts on “A Weekend of Healthy Meals

  1. Mhmm your lunch sounds delicious! I think one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations for meat is honey/brown sugar and soy sauce. There’s something about the sweet and salty combo that just drives me crazy!

    I’m still eyeing those Skyscapes. I’m on the verge of ordering a pairs for myself, but am still a little hesitant since I have two good pairs of Nikes! They’re just SO cute!

    Can’t wait for the muffin and granola bar recipes! They sound to die for 🙂

  2. Ooo those skyscapes may rival the crops I bought from Athleta. They’re awesome!

    Aaaaand this weekend we had Mom’s Weekend at my school and I enjoyed having my mom with me for a whole day to eat, drink wine and shop 🙂

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