A Three Mile Morning

Guess what I did today?


Got my butt out of bed for a morning workout! I kind of had to because I took last night off and tonight I’m going to my aunt’s house after work to plan my cousin’s wedding shower 🙂 . But anyway, I went to the gym and ran three miles on the treadmill and it felt great!

Last night I was exhausted after work and decided to let myself rest, so instead of hitting the gym, I did this.

Frozen Yougrt


Brian and I stopped at Frutti, a frozen yogurt place, after running some errands at Home Depot that included getting wall anchors to hang some pictures in our kitchen. The pictures had been sitting on the ground since I got them for Christmas!

My frozen yogurt was amazing. I combined peppermint and triple chocolate and then put gummy worms, butterfinger pieces and hot fudge on top. The perfect cure for a long day!

Here are those pictures I told you about.


They look oddly far apart and too high in every picture I took, but they look fine in person. Note, my giant Frutti cup sitting on the table. Don’t worry, I didn’t fill the whole thing 😉 . If you’re wondering what Brian is doing in this picture, he’s wiping some smudges off the wall, which I think I accidentally made while I was trying to help him.

Here’s a picture of Oscar trying to help his dad.


Oscar kept running around and jumping on top of the chair you can see in this picture. He was all about trying get his little paws in on the action….until the drill came out. Then he wasn’t so interested in anymore. Crazy cat!

Alright, I’m off to keep getting ready for work. If anyone has any ideas about games to play at a wedding shower, let me know. I’m supposed to come up with something for tonight, but I haven’t had much luck so far.


5 thoughts on “A Three Mile Morning

  1. Great job on your run! I always feel like a million bucks when I get my butt out of bed to exercise in the morning. Even better if I get in a good run! I think froyo is a pretty decent swap for a late night workout ;). My favorite way to have it is a ration of 50% froyo to 50% toppings. Glad you feel the same haha!

    1. It doesn’t happen very often that’s why it’s such a victory when it does 😉 lol. I used to be a morning person so I have no idea what happened, but it’s a struggle now.

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