Outdoor Run and Curly Hair

Today was my first outdoor run of the season!

Concord Road Park

I hit one of the trails near my house and enjoyed the gorgeous 70 degree weather. Total Bliss. Three miles flew by in no time. I did this upper body workout when I got home.

Arm Workout

By the time I was done, I was starving so I ate a peanut butter and chocolate granola sandwich. Yum!

peanut butter and granola sandwich

Since it’s a leisurely Saturday, I took the time to attempt try #2 with my curling wand and the results were even better this time. Check it out!

Curly Hair

And, just in case you want to see it from the top.

Curly Hair Top

All the sunlight in this picture makes it look like I have gray hair. I don’t. Not yet anyway haha. After I finished my hair, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning.

Side note: I think I found a flea near Oscar’s litter box!!! I checked him, but didn’t find anything else and he hasn’t been itching so maybe I was wrong? I’m still a little freaked out though and I plan to pick up some flea treatment just in case. I’m also going to wash our sheets since Oscar likes to sit on our bed.

Dinner with my friends ended up being moved to tonight instead of last night so Brian and I had an impromptu date at Longhorn last night.


I got that Margarita after all and it was amazing! Brian and I also spilt a not so healthy dish of chili cheese fries.

Chili Cheese Fries

What are weekends for, right?

Now I’m off to get ready to meet my friends. Brian took this opportunity to go home to visit his family so I’m looking forward to seeing him later tonight too.

What are you up to tonight?


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