The Best Night of TV Ever

Sunday nights this spring are pretty much the best night ever for TV. Game of Thrones is on at 9 pm and then Mad Men is on at 10 pm. Doesn’t get much better than that! Needless to say, I spent the night with my butt on the couch parked in front of the TV. Before that, it was quite an eventful day.

My sisters and I went shopping for decorations for my cousin’s wedding shower. We stuck with the wedding colors of blue and yellow for our theme. Here’s a little peek at some of the things we picked up at Michaels.


The shower is being hosted at one of the local hotels and it’s going to be a brunch with mimosas. I can’t wait!

We shopped for about an hour and then headed to my parents house to assemble a few of the decorations just to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. After that, I headed home for dinner with Brian. Dinner was steak tips and vegetable kabobs. It was a gorgeous day outside so I kept Brian company while he cooked and I sipped on some red wine 🙂 .

Wine Glass

Absolutely lovely.

My legs were sore from my outdoor run so I decided to skip the gym in favor of a Nike Training Club app workout yesterday morning. It was a total killer, of course. It took 45 minutes and I squeezed it in after grocery shopping at Market Basket.

Nike Training Club App


I didn’t do any meal prep yesterday so I’m going to have to squeeze in some time for baking and other preparations today or tomorrow. I plan to make granola bars and peanut butter energy bites as my snacks for work this week. I’ll post the recipes just as soon as I get around to actually making them.

Have a great Monday everyone!



2 thoughts on “The Best Night of TV Ever

  1. AHH. Let’s tai Game of Thrones last night. Definitely was not expecting that ending! My boyfriend Kyle is a poop, though, and is reading the books so he wasn’t nearly as amped up as me haha. Gosh I love that show! I can’t wait to see how those wedding decorations turn out :). Blue and yellow are a great color pairing! And NTC is a KILLER workout. Their strength exercises always get me sore and I just love the app in general- it’s so well-made!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Neither was I..OMG. My boyfriend hasn’t read the books, but he keeps reading the GOT Wiki pages and getting all kinds of spoilers so he wasn’t surprised either. What a crazy way to end the episode though! I can’t wait until next week and will probably re-watch yesterday’s episode at least once before next Sunday lol.

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