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A Monday Pick Me Up

Since Mondays can be a little rough. I decided to treat myself yesterday.

Zulily scarf


Burnout Scarf

I bought myself these two scarves from Zulily, a site I first heard about on Heather Hesington’s blog Housewife Glamour, one of my favorites.

Yesterday was a busy day at work. I did a lot of editing and posted a few new articles, including one I wrote last week. Since we’re understaffed at the moment, I haven’t gotten to do as much writing as I normally do and writing is definitely the best part of my job. I’ve missed it!

Anyway, the weather was so beautiful that I decided to head out at lunch and walk around a nearby shopping plaza. On the way back to the office, I saw this!

Wild Turkeys

Can you see those wild turkey’s on the left. They actually stopped traffic for a little bit! Too funny. I’m glad no one hit the turkeys because it was a close call there for a minute.

The second half of my day flew by and I was home before I knew it. I was absolutely starving when I walked in the door so I ate some of Sunday night’s leftovers.


Steak tips with Montreal Steak Seasoning (Brian’s favorite) and vegetable kabobs with red peppers, red onion and mushrooms. I think I could eat grilled veggies every single day. They are just so good! We seasoned the vegetables with a little bit of olive oil, pepper and sea salt. Easy peasy!

After dinner Brian graded papers and Oscar did this.


Whenever he sees a shadow or a flicker of light, he becomes obsessed with hunting it. Sometimes while Brian is grading, his watch sends light reflections bouncing off the walls and Oscar goes nuts trying to catch the spots of light. I have a really funny video of it that I should post sometime for a laugh.

Last night’s workout was two miles on the treadmill in my basement, which happens to be stuck at an incline.


By the way, that treadmill on the right is broken, but Brian and I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. That’s why it’s still sitting collecting dust. It was a tough run and I took it pretty easy since my legs were still sore. I ran about 1.5 miles and “power walked” the other half mile. My legs are unusually sore so I’m really hoping I didn’t actually hurt myself. Maybe today will be better.

How was your Monday? Did you get the week off to a good start?



9 thoughts on “A Monday Pick Me Up

  1. Those kebabs look good and Oscar is adorable! I used to have a cat and my daughter would shine this little red light laser and he (and us) would have so much fun chasing it around!

  2. I LOVE those infinity scarves, especialy the first one! Such a cute way to had a little personality into an outfit :). So weird about the wild turkeys haha! In my hometown we have TONS of peacocks that were brought over a long time ago and taken over. I never really thought about it, but it must be so strange to visitors to come see 3432 peacocks in the backyard!

    OHH those steak tips look to die for! I’m definitely keeping those in mind for dinner soon for Kyle and I. We’re both big steak fans :).

    Have a great Tuesday!

    1. That is really funny about the peacocks. I don’t think I have ever seen one outside of a zoo lol. Growing up my neighbors did have sheep that would occasionally escape into our yard. That was pretty entertaining!

  3. LOVEEEE those scarves! I saw them through Heather as well I just haven’t had a chance to get over to order any! I have a huge obsession with scarves so that’s why I have stayed away because I would want them all! lol

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