Easter Weekend Recap

Here are some beautiful spring flowers to brighten up your Monday!


My dad gave me these tulips for Easter. Unfortunately, I had to stick them on the deck because tulips are toxic to cats. Who knew? Brian and I have made it a habit to check to make sure plants are safe for Oscar before bringing them into the house. Thank goodness for Google!

My Easter began with an early three mile run. We spent most of the day with Brian’s family and celebrated with a lunch that consisted of ribs, mashed potatoes, ziti and octopus. Brian’s family is Portuguese so octopus is a pretty normal menu item. He isn’t a fan, but I tried a little bit yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I thought the octopus would be really disgusting, but it just tasted like squishy fish. I’m not a fish person so I wouldn’t eat it again….but I survived!

After lunch, we watched the Bruins game and relaxed with full bellies.


Emma had a full belly too.


She watched the game perched on top of the leather chair Brian and I were sharing. Look at that face! What a loooong day. Poor dog 😉 .  Emma is Brian’s sister’s dog so that cute little bundle of love doesn’t get to come home with us.

Brian and I left his aunt and uncle’s house at the end of the second period of the B’s game and headed to my parents for a quick hello. I was way too stuffed to eat anything, but my sister Dani did make an interesting looking cake that I wish I had taken a slice of.



After visiting my parents, Brian and I headed home and lounged on the couch until Game of Thrones and Mad Men came on. I’m going to have to watch both shows on demand today because I fell asleep pretty early on in Game of Thrones. Oops. Oh well.

Happy Monday! What did you do this weekend?


7 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Recap

    1. I already had too much dessert at Brian’s house haha, but I am SO regretting not taking a piece of that cake home. I did swipe some of the frosting though 😉

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