Rainbow Cake Recipe

Hi everyone,

I had quite a few comments yesterday about my sister’s rainbow cake so I thought I’d post the recipe today.

Rainbow Cakes

Lucky for me, she took a lot of pictures while she baked. Everything you see here, I got from her.

Dani found this recipe on a blog called Our Forever House. You can see it here. My sister did make a few alterations. She didn’t freeze the layers of the cake as suggested because she ran out of time. Freezing the layers of the cake isn’t necessary, it just makes cleanup a little easier because the frozen cake doesn’t leave crumbs as you work.


Before you start mixing ingredients, you’ll need 6 cake tins, 2 white cake mixes, frosting and some food coloring. Then you just follow the instructions on the back of the cake box until you’re ready to pour the batter into your tins. You can see this step pictured above.

Once the batter is poured, add food coloring and stir until you reach your desired color. Then pop the tins into the oven as specified by the instructions on the back of your cake mix.


You’ll know the cakes are done if you stick a toothpick in them and it comes out clean. Let the cakes cool for 30 minutes before stacking them and alternating layers of frosting and cake.


Use toothpicks for support between layers and then finish by frosting the outside of the cake and adding some rainbow sprinkles.


Then cut into it so everyone can see your lovely handiwork.

Rainbow Cakes

Voila! A delicious and colorful spring dessert. Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Rainbow Cake Recipe

  1. Glad I stumbled by to see this gorgeous tower of deliciousness! This is such a great idea – thanks for sharing!

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