Upper/Lower Body Combo Workout

Happy Hump day! We’re almost halfway through the work week and that, my friends, is a reason to smile 🙂 .


Last night I was feeling ambitious so I designed this upper/lower body combo workout to tackle after my three mile run.

Upper and Lower Body Workout

My arms felt like jello when I was done. My upper body is the weakest part of my body and it takes me forever to build strength there. I have to really make an effort to consistently lift at least three days a week in order to see any noticeable results.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and we hit 73 degrees by the afternoon! I can’t wait until that temperature is the norm around here. Brian met me for lunch and we drove around in his Subaru with the sunroof open, soaking in the sun before stopping at D’Angelos for lunch.

steak and cheese sub

I had a small steak and cheese sub, which kept me full right up until dinner time.

Side note, I’ve mentioned before how much Oscar loves my yoga mat. Whenever I roll it out he makes a beeline for it and starts scratching at it. He also rolls around before I inevitably kick him off. Yesterday I caught him in the act. Sneaky kitty!


Can you spot Oscar making his way over? Too funny!

Have a great day everyone. I will see you all tomorrow!


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