Thinking Out Loud #1

Today I’m going to do something a little bit different and link up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Here it goes:



1).  Almond butter and strawberries make an awesome combination and I’m really not sure why I never thought of putting them together in a sandwich before, but that’s pretty much all I’ve been eating for lunch this week.



2). I’m completely hooked on the book Divergent. My friends went to see the movie last week, but I skipped out since I’m in the middle of the book and I didn’t want to ruin it for myself. Any other fans of the book out there? Did you see the movie? What did you think? No spoilers, though. I’m still reading!



3). I have a tough career decision to make this week and I’m a little stuck. Who do you talk to when you need advice? I’ve been talking the ear off of Brian, my mom and my dad. I tend to second guess my decisions and I’m constantly worried about my next move. I guess you could say I’m natural worrier.

4). I really enjoyed reading this post from Lisa @ Running Out of Wine about her recovery plan after running the Rock N Roll Raleigh Marathon. I’m fascinated by people’s race posts and I’d love to run a marathon someday, but thats a long way off at this point.

5). I cannot get enough coffee this week. Seriously, I feel like if you cut me open I’d probably bleed coffee at this point.

Dunkin Donuts
Dunkies 🙂


Happy  Thursday everyone! Just think it’s almost Friday 🙂


7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #1

  1. Aren’t Thursday’s with Amanda just the greatest?? I was excited when I saw that you were linking up too! 🙂 I have heard great things about Divergent. Haven’t read it or seen it but want to do both! Maybe after finals:)) When I have a tough decision to make I always turn to my boyfriend and my family. They are a great sounding board and always have the best advice, whether it’s what I want to hear to not.

  2. I’ve never tried the almond butter and strawberries combo, but it looks delicious! They would probably taste great in a wrap as well as some sort of breakfast burrito, but on the sweet side :). Note to self: pick up more almond butter. And I feel ya with the coffee. My coffee consumption has been through the roof and I think it’s running through my veins… that must be super healthy, right ;)?

  3. Happy to have you join this week, girl! 😀 Reading people’s random thoughts is seriously one of my favourite things — it’s a great way to get to know them.

    Divergent… adore. Definitely one of my favourite series, and while I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ve heard good things. And have you ever tried banana with AB or honey with AB? Those combos in a sandwich rock my socks off.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Nwver tried almond butter but keep meaning to get a hold of some. The divergent series is AMAZING keep reading! Can’t wait to see the film 🙂

  5. Glad you enjoyed my post! I also love reading about other people’s running. It makes me feel like a stalker but I find it so helpful to hear all the details about what other runners are doing. Thanks for sharing my link in your post!
    I read Divergent a while ago, and I’m excited to see the movie! Good decision to wait until you finish the book.
    And I can definitely relate to those weeks where you just can’t get enough coffee:)

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