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An Unexpected Detour

Hi friends! I’m coming to you a lot later that usual, but as you can probably tell from the title of this post things are a little wonky around here. Not to go all TMI on you, but I’ve been having a series of stomach issues lately and I’m not really sure what’s up. After a doctors appointment yesterday, I found out I need to go for some not so pleasant tests tomorrow morning and I have to be on a clear liquid diet today. Bummerrrrr! I’m living off of Gatorade, jello and lemon flavored Italian ice.


Cheers! The only good thing about this situation is I got to work from home today and I have the day off tomorrow. After my tests I’m going to eat everything in sight! I am seriously dreaming about all the lovely things I want to eat: pancakes, muffins, cereal, froyo, chocolate! None of those things are healthy, but oh well. I could sneak some fruit in there too.

Just to make you jealous, take a look at all the delicious meals I’ve eaten today.


Italian Ice



I’m not sure about dinner. I need to start drinking some nasty medicine soon and it’s probably going to make me feel a little sick. Hopefully this post isn’t too much of a downer. I swear, I’m still smiling over here!

On a happier note, I wanted to share this core workout video with you all. It’s really good. Abs are my favorite body part to work so when Brian suggested this video last night I kind of laughed and told him I wasn’t sure it would be “intense” enough for me. (Brian doesn’t like core work). Well, it certainly was and I was feeling the burn just a few minutes in. The guy is a little kooky, but it’s a legit workout for sure.

Alright, fingers crossed everything goes well tomorrow and I only get good results! I will see you then and will most likely be stuffing my face with those aforementioned goodies 🙂 .


5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Detour

  1. Hope it went will and everything was fine! The tests aren’t too bad (if it’s what I’m thinking it is)

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