Feelin Good + A New Leg Workout

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! I am so happy to be back to feeling 100%. Thank you for all your well wishes. Everything went just fine yesterday and my test results were completely normal. Thank goodness that is over!

Since I couldn’t eat all day Tuesday, I was absolutely starving when I got out of the doctors office so Brian and I went to IHOP where I stuffed my face with a short stack of buttermilk pancakes and treated myself to a swiss mocha coffee.

Swiss Mocha Coffee

I forgot to take a picture of my delicious pancakes until I was almost done eating.


The IHOP we went to is located in an outdoor shopping center, so after we ate we made a pit stop at Charming Charlie. I bought a new watch since I broke the strap on the gold one I purchased earlier this year. Here’s what I picked out.

Gold Watch

Since I wasn’t allowed to do any physical activity, I couldn’t go to the gym. Instead, I created a leg workout to try later this week.

Leg Workout

No idea why I decided to go with a “sexy” looking theme here, but I’m just gonna roll with it. I forgot to note it in the picture, but I designed all of these moves to be done with weights.

After taking an unplanned and extended break from the gym this week, I’m really looking forward to getting back into my exercise groove today. I’m also looking forward to eating some healthy foods since yesterday turned into an eat-everything-in-sight kind of day.

That’s all I have for you today friends. See you tomorrow for My Friday Five!




6 thoughts on “Feelin Good + A New Leg Workout

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! And YES to those pancakes and coffee! Just what the doctor ordered haha ;). I love the watch as well. I think the whole brown leather-y look with gold is just so classic and beautiful. Great pick with it!

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