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Awesome At Home Barre Workout

I’ve been dying to try a Barre class, but unfortunately, there aren’t any studios in my area. And, even if there were, I don’t think it’s in the budget right now so I was psyched when I found this at home Barre workout on YouTube from Fitness Blender.



I tried it out this morning after a three mile run and I was feeling the burn! The video is a 39-minute total body workout that combines ballet and Pilates. As a former dancer, (I took dance lessons for 13 years), I was familiar with the moves, but for anyone that isn’t, the video included a demonstration of each exercise.

The video has plenty of plies and squats that left my legs shaking by the end. The ab section was great too and really focused on moves that tone and lengthen your muscles. I struggled a bit with the upper body portion which included lots of smaller range, pulsing motions. I didn’t have weights at home that were light enough for me to complete most of the reps, but I still got in a decent upper body workout. All in all, I’d definitely do this again and would strongly recommend it.

Welcome to my Barre studio!


Of course, as soon as I was ready to start my workout Oscar decided the chair must be for him.


After my barre workout I was more than ready to hit the shower and after quickly getting ready, Brian and I went to Market Basket for our weekly groceries. We both got really hungry while we were shopping and couldn’t say no to the delicious looking pizza in Market Basket’s kitchen/cafe area.


We each got a slice of the green pepper, mushroom and onion pizza and boy was it good! I’m going to have to stop myself from buying pizza every time we go grocery shopping.

So far, it’s been a pretty laid back and wonderful Saturday. The weather was beautiful this morning, but now it looks like rain. I’m hoping it’ll blow over. My plans for the rest of the day consist of visiting with my sister Alicia and finishing Divergent! I’m almost done and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!!!

If you’ve read Divergent please tell me the rest of the books are as good as the first one.

Have a great Saturday everyone and I will see you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Awesome At Home Barre Workout

  1. Ahhhh! I WILL be checking this out! I’m so so excited. I know a girl who taught bar and it sounds so fun but I don’t know of any around my area! I also have taken fitness Pilates and loved it! Thanks for sharing! – and I didn’t know you danced!! How awesome:))

    1. Ya! My mom was actually a dance teacher at night when I was little so I started taking classes almost as soon as I could walk lol. I stopped after high school, but I still miss it.

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