Cross Training Elliptical Style + Recap of Bolton Street Tavern

Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great Monday. Mine was excellent, but I was tired from staying up late Sunday night. Dinner and drinks with friends turned into dinner and drinks, then watching Game of Thrones, then watching Mad Men. By the time they left, I could barely keep my eyes open! Even though I was tired, I had a blast and nights like that make me feel lucky to have such great friends. Now, rewinding to the beginning of the night….

Here we are, ready for a Sunday dinner date for four!


The restaurant we went to is called The Bolton Street Tavern. It overlooks the water and has an awesome looking deck that I can’t wait to try out once the weather decides to cooperate. I couldn’t find a picture that showed the water or the deck and I forgot to take one….fail. This photo came from Yelp.

Bolton Street Tavern

I had the chicken, broccoli and ziti and it was delicious! I could eat a pasta/chicken combination every day. Seriously, it never gets old.

chicken broccoli and ziti

Jumping back to Monday, it was a cross training day and thank goodness because my body was just not feelin a run. I opted for an elliptical workout instead and completed this workout I found on Heather Hesington’s blog, Housewife Glamour.

Elliptical workout

One of the things that really annoys me about the ellipticals at my gym is that they don’t have an adjustable incline. That’s why this workout was perfect. It was also tough! I don’t use the elliptical often, so I’m always extra sore when I do. My legs are going to be screaming at me the in the morning, but in a good way.

Now, I’m off to shower quickly before I watch 24 Live Another Day. Can’t wait!


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