Fun Blogger Survey


Hi everyone! I felt like doing something a little bit different today that I hope you guys find as much fun as I do. Today’s post is a blogger survey I created called “Tell Me About Yourself.” I compiled the questions from a bunch of different surveys I’ve seen floating around. Feel free to join in and answer any of the following questions below.

What is/was your favorite….

1). Color: pink

2). Food: Frozen yogurt with butterfingers crunch topping

3). Book: Sharp Objects, Rebecca, Harry Potter series

4). Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

5). Music/artist: Country, Jason Aldean

6). Magazine: Glamour, Women’s Health

7). Drink: Moscato

8). Subject in School: English/Journalism

9). Holiday: Halloween

10). Childhood memory: Trips to Hampton Beach with my family and cousins

12) Movie: Don’t have one

13) TV Show: Game of Thrones, Mad Men

14) Vacation Spot: Walt Disney World

15). Beauty Product: Bare minerals matte foundation in medium beige

16). City: Boston!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday and don’t forget to answer a few questions before you go!

6 thoughts on “Fun Blogger Survey

  1. Ummmm butterfingers ontop of frozen yogurt!!!!! I’ve only have froyo twice and have tried to go the healthy route and passed up on that but I need to try it asap! I love butterfingers. My favorite colors are pink, teal and purple.

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