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Total Body Tone Up & Mother’s Day Weekend Eats

Happy Monday! I am more than ready to start the week on a healthy note after a fun weekend that included a lot of indulging. I did manage to squeeze in one good workout on Saturday: a three mile run and this total body workout I adapted from one I found on Pinterest.

Total Body Workout


Other than that, I didn’t workout at all and my body is not happy with me. I’m feeling a little blah. I had a great weekend though so my little break from the gym was worth it!


I spent the morning of Mother’s day with my mom. Me, my two sisters and my dad took her out to breakfast at the Main Street Cafe where I had a delicious cheese and spinach omelet I forgot to snap a picture of. After breakfast, we went back to my parents house to give my mom her gifts. I bought her gray Reebok Skyscapes since she had tried on my pink ones and loved them. Dani, my younger sister, (who isn’t in this pic because she had to run to work) is very creative and she got my mom this unique gift.


My dad was looking at it when I took this picture. Dani ordered the frame and cutout from a website called personalization.com. It was a big hit with everyone!

Brian and his family took his mom out to breakfast too so after I left my parents I met him at his parents house for a cookout. It turned into such a beautiful day they decided to do lunch too. My sister Alicia came with me. Brian’s parents always grill up a feast so we had ribs, chicken wings, macaroni salad, grilled parmesan asparagus and fruit for dessert. After hanging out for a little bit Brian and I headed home to do some laundry and get ready for the week. However, as soon as we finished my parents invited us over for dinner on their deck. You’d think by now we couldn’t possibly eat anything else, but nope we were game!

We eventually ordered a few pizzas to split between me, brian, my parents, my sisters and Dani’s boyfriend.



We sat around eating pizza and drinking a few beers (or in my case a Mike’s) before finally heading home for the night. To say I was exhausted at the end of the day is an understatement, but I loved every minute of our busy Sunday.

How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Total Body Tone Up & Mother’s Day Weekend Eats

  1. I think taking a break from the gym now and then to enjoy life is totally fine! Hahah I was JUST thinking yesterday how I should get that pair of Skyscapes that I’ve been debating about forever. Such a great gift and that picture frame is wonderful as well! I’m bookmarking that site to keep that on hand for future anniversaries and family presents :).

  2. Sounds like a packed but wonderful weekend!!:) I bet your mom loved the skyscrapes! That frame that your sister found for you mom is so unique! I’m going to have to remember that site and take a look around for my moms upcoming birthday! Happy Monday lovely!

  3. Sounds so fun (and delicious!). Unfortunately my sister was in a car accident Friday (she was fine!) but her car was totaled so we spent the weekend car shopping. My mom came though so we spent it with her too!

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