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Hi everyone,

Today I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons for my first “What I Ate Wednesday” post. All pictures feature the meals I ate on Tuesday.


Breakfast started the way it usually does with a bowl of cereal and almond milk along with a coffee with almond milk and one sugar. I’ve written in the past about not eating artificial sweeteners when I can avoid it so it’s Domino sugar packets for me! I don’t love the calories, but I do love the lack of chemicals. I should also say this is not an exact picture of Tuesday’s breakfast, but since I eat some sort of cereal every day I pulled this one from my archives. It’s Kashi Go Lean Berry Crumble.

kashi granola bar

Next up was a snack at my desk around 9:30. I ate a Kashi trail mix bar.


Lunch was an Arnold multigrain sandwich thin with almond butter and chocolate granola. I also ate a banana on the side. Around 3:00 I got hungry again and ate a bunch more of that Bare Naked chocolate granola. I seriously cannot keep my hand out of that bag!

turkey sandwich

Dinner was a turkey and cheese sandwich I toasted in our toaster oven. I followed that up with two pieces of a chocolate and peanut butter candy bar from Market Basket as dessert.

Yesterday was a really busy day for me because today I leave for a business trip to North Carolina. I come home Friday night. I spent most of the night packing because I left that until the last minute and then I set my alarm for 5:00 so I can get in an early run before my morning flight. I may end up being a little absent from the blog for the rest of the week since my schedule is packed, but I’ll do my best to pop in when I can. This trip should be fun since it’s not all work this time. There are a few excursions planned and some nice restaurants we’re set to visit. I’m hoping for an interesting recap post when I get back.

Have a great week everyone!



7 thoughts on “WIAW #1

      1. Haha no worries, I had a friend in college who booked her flight to Greenville, NC rather than SC. There are lots of good restaurants there- try Grill Marks or Cazbah!

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