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South Carolina Trip: Eats + Activities

Happy Monday! If you read the blog this weekend then you already know I had a blast in South Carolina on a business trip. I thought I’d recap a little bit of that for you today starting with the tiny, tiny plane I took on the second leg of my trip from Charlotte, NC to Greenville, SC.

Small Plane

I was more than a little surprised when I saw this plane pull up to the gate. Coming from the Boston area, I’m used to the much larger planes that fly out of Logan Airport. I was nervous, but the ride was short. It was just about 25 minutes and thankfully the flight was relatively smooth so I didn’t have any real reason to worry at all. When I landed in SC the weather was beautiful, but hot…like 80 degrees hot, but I loved it. Boston was cold when I left that morning and I was looking forward to the warmer weather.


I checked into my hotel and changed quickly for a happy hour followed by a privately sponsored party. I was starving by the time the party ended at 10 pm and since they were only serving appetizers, I took advantage of room service at the Westin Poinsett and ordered a vegetable pizza that was fabulous!

veggie pizza

Unfortunately, like I said this weekend, my days ended being too packed to squeeze in a workout, but I did pushups, squats and crunches in my room whenever I had a spare minute.

On my second day in SC, I was lucky enough to tour the Biltmore Estate  in Asheville and attend a wine tasting on the property. For anyone (like me) who doesn’t know, Biltmore is a 250-room chateau built for George Vanderbilt. The estate is absolutely incredible. It made the Newport mansions look like shacks and I was completely blown away.


I love history so I was in heaven during this tour. The house reminded me of Downton Abby. Amazing. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside so I bought this book in the gift shop and have been enjoying reading all about the history of the estate as well as the Vanderbilt family. You can click through a picture gallery of the house if you’re interested. If you are ever in the area, Biltmore is a must see.

After our tour, our group ate in the Deerpark Restaurant, which is located in a barn that is original to the estate. The food and the atmosphere were awesome!


Those are pretty much the highlights of my trip. When I flew home Friday night, Brian picked me up at the airport and then we went to Longhorn Steakhouse for drinks and appetizers. I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got home and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

What was the highlight of your week?


2 thoughts on “South Carolina Trip: Eats + Activities

  1. That little plan is so cute!!!! Sounds like you had a great business trip. I love learning about history too so I definietly would hve enjoyed that too!

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