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Adopting Healthy Habits

It’s Thursday already can you believe it? This week has been flying by, but it’s deadline week for me so it’s been a veryyyyy busy one. I am SO ready for the long weekend. Anyway, last night I finally tried out that Spring Shape Up workout I designed. I was really feeling the burn, especially with those tricep dips! This morning I got my butt out of bed, yet again, for another morning run! 2.5 miles.


I find it’s easier to get moving if I lay out my gym clothes the night before and leave these guys by the door. I wrote before about how I haven’t been as consistent with my workouts lately, but I’m making an effort to get back on track by setting some healthy living goals. Here’s what I came up with:

1). Drink more water


A while ago, my mom bought me a water bottle that has an insert where you can put fruit like lemons or limes in your water. I haven’t used it once, which I can’t believe! My goal is to bring that to work and to drink at least two bottles and refill at the water cooler as needed. Here’s an article all about the health benefits of drinking lemon water. People may debate its effectiveness, but Brian has recently started drinking lemon water during the day and he’s seen a noticeable difference in how he feels.

2). Run 5 days a week

This goal is pretty self explanatory. I need to be more consistent with my runs so I’ve settled on five days with at least one rest day and one day of cross training. If I can continue to get up in the morning for cardio then I’ll weight train 3 nights a week.

3). Eat more veggies

Salad recipe

I’ve been good with the fruit, but seriously bad with the veggies lately. My goal is to incorporate more vegetables into my daily meals whether it’s through a salad or a side with my dinner. I’m aiming for at least one serving a day.

4). More protein

Another thing I’ve been very bad at lately is getting enough protein in my diet. It’s been carb city over here. My goal is to work some lean protein into my diet as often as I can. I’m sure my muscles will thank me later!


Healthy living isn’t just physical, it’s also mental. In order to truly be healthy you need a strong mind and body. You also need time to rejuvenate and unwind from the events of the day. My goal is to find some time for me a few times a week and to relax my mind and body with a book, a bath, blog reading, etc.

****What are your healthy living goals?****



10 thoughts on “Adopting Healthy Habits

  1. I’m always trying to make sure I get enough water too! Staying hydrated is so important especially in the heat of summer. I’m also trying to run more consistently and strength train. Its tough when life gets busy.

  2. For me lately it has been the water – my current work project has me half a building away from the nearest water cooler, so I have to make an effort to go refill my big tupperware cup, and some days I just have coffee and soda instead – and since there is always SOMETHING going on from the moment I hit my office, it is hard to break free. I still get plenty at home, but need to be better about forcing myself to properly hydrate all day.

  3. These are great goals…and i think water and relaxation and so important and often overlooked! I find that when I focus on eating fruits, veggies, and protein my diet is cleaned up more naturally..I still have the occasional treats but I feel better overall!

  4. Great goals! Mine are to be more consistent in all areas of my health- workouts and eating. I haven’t been the most consistent lately

  5. I definietly need to get on the more water train with you!! I did really well while I was in school…filling up between classes etc. But being home I far too often reach in the fridge for something else. I have a 32 oz bottle which really helped me before I need toget back to using it!

  6. I totally agree about drinking water and eating more protein and veggies! This is basically one of my secrets of staying fit all year round! Thank you for such a great post! 😉



  7. These are some great healthy habits! I already drink a lot of water and eat a lot of veggies, but I could use more lean protein in my diet. I’m currently trying to cut sugar for a few days (other than natural sugars in stuff like fruits). It’s only 7:45 AM on my first day, but it’s already hard!

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