My Friday 5

Friday Favorites 5/23

Happy Friday friends! Yay for the long weekend! Do you guys have any Memorial Day cookouts on the agenda? My parents are having one at their lake house on Monday and I can’t wait! I hope the weather is nice. This weekend is pretty darn packed, but in a good way. Saturday is my cousin Nicole’s wedding, Sunday I’m going to Rietta, an outdoor flea market with Brian and his sister and Monday is the cookout.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

Moving on to my usual Friday post…..


It’s time for My Friday Five! Here are my five favorite things this week:

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle (similar)

water bottle

My mom bought me this water bottle a few weeks ago and I completely forgot about it until I saw it in a cabinet the other day. I brought it to work yesterday and filled the center filter looking thing with sliced lemons and limes. It tasted so good I drank two whole bottles of it.

Eyeliner Routine (similar, same)


Lately I’ve been combining pencil liner and liquid liner when I put on my makeup. I love the way liquid liner looks, but it’s so hard to get right so first I line my eyes with the pencil and then I go over them with the liquid pen. This is actually a trick I first saw on Housewife Glamour so you can thank Heather Hesington for this tip.

My Slippers


I got these for Christmas a few years ago and I’ve been wearing them constantly this week to keep my feet warm when I’m lounging at home. I like that these are more like socks than slippers. They’re super comfy and I can’t get enough of them lately.

Dried Cranberries

dried cranberries

Dried cranberries made my life this week! I ate them by the handful and on sandwiches and I finished the bag before the week was over…oops. So good though, seriously. I’m definitely buying more when we go grocery shopping this weekend.

Essie Mod Squad


Surprise! Another pink nail polish. I told you I’m obsessed. I like this color a lot. I tried it out this week and it’s a nice medium pink. Perfect for summer.

That’s all I got for ya! See you back here on Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 5/23

  1. Ahhh sounds like a busy but exciting weekend! Enjoy it all!:) I liked seeing the bottle after you mentioned it the other day! I may have to invest in one of those…it sounds so practical! That pink polish is purty! And those slippers…too cute!

  2. Love that eyeliner trick! I had to stop using the pencil eyeliners since I don’t have big eyelids and they would smear everywhere. Lately, I’ve been LOVING gel eyeliners! And yes yes yes to dried cranberries. SO good and I was just snacking on them last night :). Such a perfect blend of sweet and sour!

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