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A Killer Workout, A Wedding and Rietta

Hi friends! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I am sore as heck from a workout I did on Saturday morning that consisted of a 3.52 mile run followed by an upper/lower body combo I’ve featured on the blog before.

Upper and Lower Body Workout

Then I threw in an ab workout for good measure.

Ab workout

Saturday morning seemed to fly by and as soon as I finished my workout I had to race home to get ready for lunch with Brian’s parents and his sister. They came over for some burgers and hot dogs. It was great to see everyone, but it was a short visit since Brian and I had to get ready to attend my cousin Nicole’s wedding that night.


This picture is a little blurry. I took it on our way to the venue. The wedding was held at the Newton Marriott. The location was beautiful and the staff did an excellent job making sure the night ran smoothly. I was very impressed. The actual ceremony was held outdoors and thankfully the weather held out. After raining most of the day, the sun came out just in time for Nicole and her fiance to exchange vows in a gorgeous outdoor area.


A cocktail hour followed the ceremony before we headed into the Mariott’s ballroom for a beautiful reception. Here’s a picture of the wedding party right after they were all introduced.


I had a hard time getting good photos with my iPhone so you can’t really see the details of the bridesmaids outfits, but they were adorable! Nicole’s colors were charcoal gray and Tiffany’s blue. The bridal party wore charcoal gray one shoulder dresses with Tiffany blue heels for a pop of color. For the reception, the bridesmaids wore flip flops in that same blue color. I’m not posting too many pictures since most of the people at the wedding don’t know I have a blog and I’m not sure how much they would want me to share.

Dinner was a delicious baked chicken dish.


Brian, my family and I danced and partied the night away and had a blast. I’m so happy for Nicole and her new husband and felt blessed to share in their special day!

The next morning Brian and I headed out very early to meet his family at Bickfords before heading to Rietta, an outdoor flea market. I ate a giant stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

chocolate chip pancakes

I started feeling sick when we got to Rietta so I didn’t really take any pictures. I think the combination of Saturday night’s activities, a huge breakfast and a long car ride just didn’t agree with me :/ . The flea market was neat though and I think you could find some real gems if you really looked, but since I wasn’t feeling so hot I just browsed and took in the atmosphere. I did take a picture of this extremely creepy doll!

mr cabbage

Have you heard of these dolls? I thought it was just creepy looking at first, especially with that mustache so I took a picture and moved on. Later I googled it….WOW is all I can say. Apparently the doll is “anatomically correct”….if ya know what I mean. Gross. There is a female one too. From what I understand these dolls are kind of a reaction to the popularity of cabbage patch dolls back in the day and are rare. I think it’s supposed to be a gag gift. Reminds me of something you’d buy at Spencers.

On a less creepy note, have a great Memorial day and I will see you all tomorrow.

BTW, I just hit publish and realized this is my 100th blog post so I had to come back and say thanks to everyone who’s been reading Pink Polish and Running Shoes. I LOVE blogging and look forward to reading comments and checking out everyone else’s blog every day.


6 thoughts on “A Killer Workout, A Wedding and Rietta

  1. First, congratulations on your 100th post:)) Ek, exciting! The wedding venue looks like it was beautiful<3 And yes, that doll is super creepy! And reading further to what you said you found online we have a mutual response of wow!

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