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Why Can’t Every Weekend Be a Long Weekend?

Even though I had a pretty busy long weekend, yesterday was relaxing and low key. I spent most of the day at my parent’s lake house where they had a cookout for family and friends. There’s just something so calming about being by the water. I love it! I’m lucky to have had this house in my family and grew up spending summers on the lake. My parents and my younger sister still move there when the weather gets warm so I get to visit 🙂 .

lake house

Nothing too exciting happened yesterday so I figured I’d leave you with a few highlights.


Shortly after arriving at my parents, we noticed this guy swimming around. He (or she) came awfully close to the house and was definitely not afraid of humans. Dani and my mom fed the swan some chips since we didn’t have any bread. Maybe not the best choice, but he seemed to like it and gobbled up the snack quickly.


We played Cornhole, which is a family favorite. Here my sister Alicia and Danielle’s boyfriend are playing against Danielle and my mom. I kicked Brian’s butt when it was my turn 😉 . I was pretty proud of myself because that doesn’t happen too often.

salted caramels

Two words. Salted caramels. OMG. I’ve never had these before and had to stop myself at two before I got a stomach ache, but sooooo good!


Another one of Dani’s colorful cakes. This one is red, white and blue in honor of memorial day. I was stuffed when I had a piece of this cake, but I couldn’t resist because it had buttercream frosting and how can anyone say no to buttercream frosting? Is that even possible?

Here’s a slice of the cake so you can get a better glimpse of the inside.

slice of cake

Did you notice that most of my highlights involve sweets? There was actual food at yesterday’s cookout, but since dessert is my favorite I stuck with that for my post.

Before I say goodbye to you all I want to recap yesterday’s workout real quick. I ran 3.2 miles on a treadmill at the gym since it was raining in the morning. Then I followed up my run with this ab workout I got from Run Eat Repeat.

arms and abs

What did you do this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Why Can’t Every Weekend Be a Long Weekend?

  1. I just found your blog 🙂

    My weekend was low key and relaxing, which is definitely what I needed. I did get a long run in (8.5 miles), and spent time with my family and ate a lot of good food!

  2. Cornhole can get quote competitive can’t it?? That cake looks amazing:) and salted caramels say what?? Im going to have to look into that! I went for a pretty decent long bike ride yesterday which was fun!

    1. Ohhh I love bike rides, but I haven’t been in forever. Brian is really into biking and l’d love to go with him, but I don’t even have a bike anymore :/ And yes I agree cornhole can get competitive. You’d think I’d be good since I played softball, but my aim is pretty bad lol.

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