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Ultimate Total Body Burner

Hey guys! Yesterday was a rest day for me at least when it came to running. Instead, I put together this total body workout that I completed last night.

total body workouttotal body workout

I couldn’t figure out how to customize the size of this template I used so that’s why this workout is on two awkward rectangles. Anyway, I did this routine in my family room with 10 lb and 5 lb weights. It was just enough to make me feel like I got in a good workout, but not so tough I felt like it defeated the purpose of a rest day. That’s why I kept this routine pretty light on the lower body work.

Dinner last night was also worth mentioning. Brian marinated chicken in a lemon pepper glaze overnight and then cooked it on the grill. We had salad as a side with lite honey dijon dressing. Delicious.


On a somewhat random note, I’ve been trying to find an easy, quick way to do my hair. It’s naturally wavy, but it’s also thin so when I just put moose or curling product in it my hair it ends up looking flat and kind of blah. Any suggestions? I plan on surfing YouTube for some tutorials soon.

Have a great Thursday! I will see you tomorrow for My Friday Five!


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Total Body Burner

  1. I’m looking for similar because I don’t want to do my hair everyday in the summer or when I don’t need to! In looking I have come across different articles talking about beach wave spray but I have heard that the product itself can make or break it so I haven’t tried it yet. I’m waiting till I find a good reviewed product! I recently bought root booster which works great for volume when i blow dry but I don’t know about air drying. If it’s naturally wavy though the root booster may help!

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