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Broken iPhone :(

Soooo… this happened Saturday night right as I was about to leave for my dress fitting for my cousin’s wedding.

broken iPhone

I have no idea what happened. I plugged my phone in so it could charge and then went to dry my hair and when I came back it looked like that. By the time I got out of my fitting Saturday night i was starving and it was too late to do anything about my phone anyway, so I took it to the Verizon store yesterday morning. They can’t fix it, but luckily they can send me a new iPhone 5 S for free since it’s still under warranty. Unfortunately, I won’t get the new phone until Tuesday night which means I have very few photos from this weekend and won’t have many photos this week until my new iPhone arrives. Bummer!

On a happier note, I got in some really great runs this weekend. Saturday is my first 5K so I’m trying to squeeze in my last bit of training before then. Saturday and Sunday I did three mile runs. I got outside Saturday, but was in a rush Sunday so I just hit the treadmill at the gym. Strength training Saturday was courtesy of Heather @ Housewife Glamour.

lower body workout

My lower body was pretty darn sore after that one! Sunday’s strength training combined arms and abs and came from The Lean Green Bean.

upper body workout
Awesome Arms and Abs.

Brian was nice enough to snap this picture of dinner for me so that could share it with you guys.


We took advantage of the gorgeous weather yesterday and grilled outside. We made chicken with a honey teriyaki glaze, steak with Montreal Steak seasoning and asparagus lightly sprinkled with salt, pepper and olive oil. As you can see we have more than enough for leftovers so I’m looking forward to some delicious lunches this week 🙂 .

Have a great Monday everyone! I will see you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Broken iPhone :(

  1. Yum that food looks amazing! I’m sorry about your iPhone, it sucks when it dies but at least you can take a break from it for a little! Also, thanks for those workouts, I always need guidance with with my strength training!

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