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Is this Normal?

Hi friends,

I have a question for my fellow runners. Do you ever get bruising on your calf muscles? Every once in a while, my left calf feels really sore and stiff and I’ve noticed I get several bruises towards the middle of my calf muscle. Could this be from running? I don’t think it’s an overuse injury because I didn’t run a lot of miles this weekend. Just a little over three on both Saturday and Sunday for a total of six miles. I know I haven’t been bumping my legs so the only thing I can think of is that maybe the bruising is exercise related. Does this happen to anyone else?

In case the soreness and bruising is from a lack of stretching, I made an effort to put in some quality stretching time last night.

Stretches fir Runners


I did this while re-watching Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones with Brian. Oscar tried to stretch next to me too. I would have taken a picture if it wasn’t for the whole broken iPhone thing. On the bright side, my replacement phone comes sometime this afternoon.

Back to last night’s workout—after stretching, I decided to do some quick core work.

Core Workout

I didn’t go for a run because my leg was sore. I’m hoping my left calf feels better soon because I’m feeling antsy about Saturday’s 5K and I want to get in a few more good runs to boost my confidence.

Any words of wisdom?

***What’s your favorite way to soothe sore muscles?


6 thoughts on “Is this Normal?

  1. Hmm how odd! I’m not too much of a long-distance runner so I can’t offer too much advice on the subject. I get a lot of bruises, but they’re mostly from running into thins in the apartment hahah. Hope it fixes up real soon!

    Also… GAME OF THRONES. OMG!!!!!!! I died.

  2. I have only gotten a bruise after straining my calf muscle or from rolling out the knots ALOT. Have you had a charlie horse in your calf lately? That was what caused me to strain my calf at the end of a race, and it bruised a little after. If there are knots there and you roll them with a lot of pressure it can also bruise. Not sure if this helped at all but its all I can think of!

  3. When I’m at my parents’ house I love taking baths to stretch out sore muscles but other than that just stretching and yoga!

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