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I have a Phone! + Other Fitness Things

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.

Even though I have a M.A. in broadcast journalism, I spent way too long wrestling with a video for work last night that would NOT upload. As a result, I didn’t go to bed until way after 10 pm and I’m exhausted. The good news is I finally figured out the problem 🙂 .

I was so irritated with the video situation that I decided to put in an upper body workout before bed as a way to work off some of that steam.


This routine came from Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers. I hadn’t planned on strength training last night, but I’m glad I did because the workout instantly perked me up. Gotta love endorphins. Speaking of workouts, I also put in a solid 3.1 mile run yesterday morning and I felt pretty good. My calf muscle is still a little bruised, but it’s not bothering me as much.

In case you couldn’t tell from the title of my post, I finally got my new (and not broken) iPhone today! I feel like I have my brain back. That sounds sad, but I use my phone to schedule and set reminders for meetings and interviews I have at work. I’ve felt so lost without it!

In preparation for my 5K on Saturday, I picked up this arm band for my iPhone. I usually just hold it while I run, but that’s becoming kind of a pain and I’m also worried about dropping it. I’m a little klutzy.

Arm band

Can you think of anything else I might need for my race? It’s just a 5K, but since I’ve never done a real race before I’m not exactly sure what I might need/want.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! I will see you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “I have a Phone! + Other Fitness Things

  1. That’s so exciting that you are about to do your first race! Just make sure you think through the logistics…like if you are driving there where you will park and put your keys. I don’t think you will need much for a 5k…maybe ID? And make sure you have safety pins for your bib (usually they give them to you with your bib but once i picked up my bib on race morning and they had run out. I had to try scotch taping my bib to my shirt. It didn’t work out too well!) Good luck!

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