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Just A Typical Weekend Around Here

Hi guys! Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Today we’ll be visiting Brian’s dad and my dad for two cookouts. Both of our families like to cook enough food to feed an army so I have a feeling leftovers are in our future.

I’ll be leaving for Fitchburg soon, but I wanted to pop in and share a few highlights from my weekend and hear a little about yours. Yesterday’s highlight was a four mile run that I tracked on the Nike Running app. How had I never heard of this before?


If, by any chance, you live under a rock like I do then check this out. You’ll be happy you did. I also did a little shopping on Saturday. I was mostly looking for clothes for my upcoming business trip, but also seriously procrastinating house work. My place is a mess right now. I have laundry and cleaning that are calling my name, but…..


The orangey-red shirt on the left is from Ann Taylor Loft and the flowered tank on the right is from Forever 21. I also bought a pair of cropped black dress pants to wear with both shirts, but I accidentally left them in my mom’s shopping bag (she went with me) so I need to get them back today.

Brian wasn’t home when I got back from the mall so I was left to entertain myself, which I decided to do by taking a series of selfies with weird faces…..because I’m cool like that and there was still house work to do. These two are my favorite:


I’ve dubbed the one on the left “baddass gangsta” and the one on the right “unimpessed.” And that, my friends, is your laugh for the day. You can thank me later. In case you’re wondering, I did actually start cleaning the house after those pics. Mission accomplished.

Now, I want to leave you with the big guy himself, my dad. I’m sure your dad’s are great too, but I’m partial so I think he’s the best!


I cropped this picture because apparently there is no photo of my dad where he is alone…at least not on my phone. Alright, enjoy your weekend everyone. See you tomorrow!

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