Running Makes Me Sane

This is what they mean by post-run fuel right?

ice cream bar

I like to think so and after last night’s sweaty four mile run that included a lot of hills, there was no better way to cool down.


That run was seriously tough, but awesome. I forgot how much I love to run outside and how much it relaxes and calms me. I always get a little nervous before a business trip because I’m a pretty naturally anxious person, but that run was exactly what I needed. When I walked through the door at the end of those four miles I felt strong and happy and all my fears had just melted away. Running keeps me sane.

After I showered I put in a good foam rolling session which will hopefully ward off any soreness tomorrow.


I think Oscar wanted to foam roll too.


Sorry gato. Foam rolling is not for kitties. On second thought, Oscar isn’t even a kitten anymore. He was officially a year old in May. I just want him to stay little forever!

Alright, I’m off to finish my last bit of packing. I’m lucky and I didn’t have to go to work today so I’m going to take it easy before gearing up for tonight’s flight and my very very packed trip. Have a great week everyone. I will see you this weekend!


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