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Las Vegas Recap + The Run that Almost Killed Me

I’m baaaaaaack! I flew in from Las Vegas on Friday and went straight from the airport to a friend’s birthday celebration in Boston.That might have been a tad crazy of me, but I had a great time and managed to stay until 11 pm before Brian and I decided to head home.

A few quick pics from Vegas:

-It was a business trip so I really couldn’t have “too much fun” if you know what I mean. I was there to cover a technology conference. I stayed in the Flamingo. Here’s the view from my window.


And here’s my room:


You can’t really see the details because the picture is dark, but I feel like only in Vegas would there be a pink, sparkly, furry blanket on the end of my bed. Also, the ferris wheel you can see from my window is new. One of my colleagues rode it as part of a story she did. I don’t like heights so I’m happy I didn’t end up with that assignment!

I did go to a dinner in the Cosmopolitan, which my cab driver informed me is the place to be for “the hip, young kids.” Too funny! It was pretty amazing on the inside and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this bar as I walked by on the way to the restaurant. That’s also why it’s slightly blurry.


As much as I enjoy the sights of Las Vegas, I’m happy to be home. I slept in yesterday and then went for my first run in a few days. I knew I would be way too busy to workout on this trip. This show is always a crazy one and since I hadn’t put in a good workout in a while, I headed out for a run yesterday morning with no goals in mind. Good thing because I thought I was going to die!


The trade show I covered is so I big I’d say I walked at least 20 miles a day (if not more) while I was there. My feet were already sore and I was pretty exhausted from my trip. I don’t do a great job of taking care of myself on the road and I need to. For example, Wed. I booked myself a 15 hour day with no breaks for meals until dinner…not smart. Needless to say, yesterday’s run was a little bit of a disaster. I ran the first two miles and then walked the rest before heading home. The two miles I did run were not pretty.

After a little rest I put in some light weight training and called it a day. It felt good to get moving, but boy was that workout tough!

Also, for anyone who is interested, the book I ended up choosing for the plane was Kara Goucher’s.

Kara Goucher

I’m only a few chapters in, but so far I have mixed feelings. I’ll let you know what I think once I finish it. Have a great Sunday everyone! I’m off to a baby shower and then to watch some World Cup Soccer with Brian’s family. They’ll be rooting for Portugal tonight 🙂 .

What are your plans for today?

How do you get back in the groove after a bad workout?


6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Recap + The Run that Almost Killed Me

  1. Glad you made it home safe!! For me after an iffy workout I just try my best to rub it off and not think or dwell on it because it makes going into the next one not so great either already with my mindset. I then try to pick out some music I know will pump me up and sometimes even lessen what it is I am doing so I feel accomplished ready for more! You’ll get back into the groove no time Im sure!

  2. Not USA? It was a good game, but I wish the US had come away with the win. I’ve never been to Vegas and it sound like you were super busy!

    1. Ya, Brian’s family is Portuguese and he’s first generation born in the US so he was sort of torn haha, but the game ended in a tie so everyone was happy lol!

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