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Since Monday’s Can Be Rough….

Last night I was really bumming over the fact that it was almost Monday. Seriously, where does the weekend go? So, I decided to link up with Katie over at Healthy Diva Life for a little Marvelous In My Monday.


Health isn’t just about the physical, it’s about your mental well being too and  a healthy dose of positivity is a good thing.  So, here are a few marvelous things I want to share.

fruit baby

This weekend was my cousin Heather’s baby shower. I’m not sharing any “real pictures” because she is a pretty private person, but how cute is this fruit baby? Her mother made it. There have been a lot of changes in my extended family with weddings, engagements and baby announcements and each of those events has made me feel so lucky to be close to my family and to have such a great relationship not only with my parents and sisters, but also with my cousins, aunts and uncles. It also makes me happy to think of the day when I’ll have a family of my own.


I’m thankful for outdoor runs. The past few days, I’ve been loving my time outdoors and the feeling of pavement under my feet. There is something peaceful about running around town and taking those miles as “me” time to just think, breathe and push my body.


I’m happy to be home with these two handsome guys 🙂 . I always miss them when I’m away. Plus, Oscar makes me laugh all the time. He’s such a crazy cat. That’s his happy cuddly face btw. I can only imagine how he must have been purring at the time. Brian sent me this pic while I was away.


Aruba is only a week away! Woohoooo! I really can’t wait. It’s going to be a blast.

What’s getting you through your Monday?


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