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A Lovely Run + A Core Challenge

Happy  Thursday! This week is flying by and thank goodness because I leave for Aruba on Saturday! I can’t wait! I am SO ready for a vacation. I’m probably going to start packing tonight after a quick elliptical cross training session at the gym.

Speaking of the gym, it’s rainy here and the forecast says thunderstorms all day so it looks like there will be no outdoor workouts for me. Good thing I squeezed in a nice run sort of late last night.


I didn’t start my run until almost 8:00. I don’t normally run that late because I don’t like the idea of being out there alone once it gets dark, but Brian ran with me this time so it all worked out. He was actually the one who suggested a run, which is funny because he is almost never in the mood for a run at all. He prefers biking for his cardio.


I did about 3.5 miles, but turned the Nike Running app off once I hit 3 because I knew I wanted to walk the last half mile as a cool down. I did this Core Challenge workout from Eat Drink and Be Skinny before showering and then jumping into bed to read for a little bit.


I’m more than halfway through Kara Goucher’s book and with my travel coming up I’m sure I’ll finish it soon and post my review.

Have a great day everyone! See you tomorrow for My Friday Five.


2 thoughts on “A Lovely Run + A Core Challenge

  1. How sweet of Brian to run with you! I’m right there with ya that I don’t like the idea of doing things like running alone when it gets dark. The core body workout looks awesome! I’m gonna need to try it:) happy packing!!!!!

  2. Whenever I go running with Kyle, the time always flies by! There’s something so motivating and distracting about having someone next to you that you can chat with :). That looks like a great core workout! I’m terrible about being consistent with training my abs, so this is perfect for me!

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