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My Friday Five + Skoop Winner!


It’s Friday, Fridayyyy….ok enough of that before it gets stuck in my head. Happy almost weekend everyone! Before I get into my usual friday five, I want to take a minute to announce the winner of the Skoop giveaway……drumroll please……

Nichole from Upbeat Lifts!


Congrats girl! I’ve already emailed you for your info to pass along to the nice people at Skoop. Now, onto the usual Friday business around here. My five favorite things this week are:

Kara Goucher’s Running for Women

Kara Goucher

I know I said I had mixed feelings about this book, but it’s definitely become my go-to nightly read. For runners who have been at it for a long time, some of the info in this book might be a little basic, but there is also a good mix of stories about Kara’s life and training that keep you hooked. My only real issue is the annoying (and sometimes strange) reader submitted questions the book attempts to answer (I tend to skip over those), but I’ll get into that when I post a review. For now, it’s enough to know the book has become my favorite nightly read.

American Eagle Boyfriend Midi Shorts


Please ignore the fact that there is a box in my screenshot. Anyway, I bought these for my trip to Aruba after I realized all of my shorts are horrifyingly short. I used to work at AE so I own a ton of denim shorts. Apparently I’ve grown up in the last year or so because after trying on my collection of denim shorts I realized that WOW…they are exactly that. Short! I guess I’ve outgrown the bootie shorts look lol. These midis are cute and comfy, but don’t make feel like my butt is hanging out. Always a plus, especially on a family vacation.

Maxi Dresses


ย I can’t get enough of maxi dresses this season and I packed two for Aruba including this one I bought at Target a few months ago. I think they are comfy, cute and breezy, which makes the maxi dress a perfect outfit for a hot summer day.

Nike Running App


I absolutely love my Nike Running app. It was free. It’s easy to use and tracks your miles, pace and distance while allowing you to listen to a designated playlist on your phone while you run. My favorite part about this app is that it talks to you during your run and lets you know what mile your at and your overall pace. Pretty cool for an app I didn’t even have to pay for.

Nuance in Honey Blossom


Another nail polish in the pink family….shocking I know. I’m a real risk taker lol. I haven’t had a chance to actually use this yet, but I picked it out for my trip since it looked Islandy to me. Also, I think I just made up a word.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Next time I check in it will be from beautiful Aruba!


5 thoughts on “My Friday Five + Skoop Winner!

  1. Ekkkkk! I’m so excited to have won! Thank you Chrissy! :)) I emailed you back girl!

    Awesome list of faves! That maxi dress is beautiful! I also love that color of polish (I have an obsession adding them to the family’s okay! Hehe) it is definietly so islandy!

  2. Have fun in Aruba! It’s funny you said that about growing up- one of my friends and I were bathing suit shopping the other day and said the same thing about how little coverage some bottoms have these days, guess we’re old now!

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