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Aruba!!!! Day 1

Hello from Aruba!

I’ve only been here for a half a day, but I’m already completely in love. I am totally moving here and never leaving. It’s paradise! After taking three planes to get here, I couldn’t wait to hit the beach, which is literally right outside our hotel. Brian, my two sister’s, my sister’s boyfriend and my parents and I arrived at the hotel a little after 5pm yesterday. We ate a quick dinner at one of the hotel bar/restaraunts located right on the beach. Afterwords, Brian and I grabbed ourselves some beach chairs and a happy hour margarita (or two) and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

margarita sunset


We are staying at the Holiday Inn. It seems to be in a great location. Like I said before, the beach is literally right outside. You walk out of the hotel lobby and there are beautiful gazebos and cabanas on the beach. The doors to the beach entrance are always open so you get a nice breeze even walking through the hotel hallways. Here’s the view from the lobby.


Amazing right? The hotel is within walking distance of a lot of bars, restaurants and a downtown shopping area. After a few drinks on the beach last night, my family headed out to explore the downtown area and scout out some places for breakfast in the morning.


I thought this outdoor bar looked pretty cool so I took a picture. I don’t remember the name, but I want to try it out.


We found quite a few places to eat breakfast. Most of which seemed a lot cheaper than the hotel buffet. My plan for today is breakfast somewhere quick in the downtown area and then a gym session. I’m hoping to stick to my regular workout routine while I’m here since we have access to the hotel gym 24 hours a day. After that, Brian and I plan to stick our butts on the beach for most of the day!

What have you guys been up to? How’s your weekend?


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